Beauty Essentials To Survive Any Weekend Festival

By: Deanna

Summer is full of so many great festivals its hard to choose which one to attend. Between Veld, Digital Dreams, Boots and Hearts, Way Home etc. there are so many options depending what genre you prefer. But whatever the festival and whenever the weekend, it’s important to be prepared and still look good (for Instagram..duh!)  

For your hair…


Beach waves scream summer festivals! However if you’re attending a weekend festival like Boots & Hearts where you’re camping for 3 nights, getting that beach wave look can be hard. With Lush Cosmetics Sea Spray it is easy to cover up that bed head you got after only sleeping for 4 hours. The mist will give your hair a lift while still holding body with a gentle perfume.

For your eyes….


At music festivals like Veld and Digital Dreams the days can be hot and long. Don’t make the mistake of sweating off all your makeup! Be sure to pick up some waterproof mascara. Cover Girl is my favorite drug store brand, big and bold and holds strong.  

For your face…

Sweating is inevitable at any festival. And you don’t want to be caught tagged in a photo with your face all greasy (eeek!) In your purse be sure to carry a small amount of baby powder in a container (empty Chapstick tubes will work great) and pat your face with the powder to take away the grease!    

Now all you need is to throw your cute festival outfits in the mix and your ready for the weekend!