The Perfect Lipstick? Yes, Please!

My Top Pick for Winter 2015

By: Samantha                                                                                          

Like many girls, my bathroom cabinet is full of an array of lip-glosses, lipsticks, and chap stick. I’ve accumulated so many lip products over the years, especially as we have three women in our house, that it’s hard to remember what belongs to whom. I’ve tried products from tons of companies, from high-end makeup houses, like Chanel, YSL, and NARS, to every girl’s favourites, like Smashbox, MAC, and Elf.

If you’re like me, the colour of your lipstick is always changing depending on the season and current colour trends. At last year’s Toronto Fashion Week, Maybelline had a booth set up where beauty experts were giving advice and complementary touch ups before the show. I left my consultation with a new lipstick, a colour I loved at the show but didn’t think I’d have much reason to wear in the future.

It was only when I was out one day and wanted to add some colour to my lips, that I reached into my purse and happened to grab the Maybelline lipstick I was given. I applied the colour effortlessly with the smooth texture and absolutely loved the result! The colour was so natural and went perfectly with my complexion (I’m usually a medium skin tone).

I’ve been using Maybelline’s lipstick for about six months now and I still use Touch of Spice (#660) everyday! I’ve bought other colours from this collection and I’m pleased with every single one.

I apply it in the morning when I apply my makeup, eat lunch, snacks, drink, and still have the colour on my lips at the end of the day! It’s extremely long lasting and I recommend it to everyone who asks what colour I’m wearing.

The lipsticks are priced under $11, which, as many of you will agree, is extremely affordable, especially when compared to other makeup brands. So what are you waiting for? Head over to Shoppers and choose your colour today!

Rating: 4/4 stars

Top colours to try:

• Born With It (#015) – for a clean, nude lip

• Touch of Spice (#660) – a darker colour for your edgier days

• Pink Wink (#105) – for a playful lip

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