I love to go to the spa when I get a chance, but I have to say the Four Seasons Spa in Toronto blew me away! First, I was met by the incredibly friendly staff who ushered into the men’s change room. I was given a quick private tour. Then I got into my robe and went to the chill room before having my massage. Jeff the massage therapist met me, again super friendly. I did the 60min Asian Fusion Massage with an add on of Instant Anti-Puffy Eye & Wrinkle Treatment. WOW! This massage is honestly the best massage I’ve ever had. I’ve tried them all, hot stone, deep tissue etc. but this one takes the cake. The fusion of pressures mixed with stretches and light movements really feels amazing. This is one massage I will go back for 100%. Plus, the puffy eye treatment was great, my eyes felt rejuvenated and were less puffy at the end. After Jeff was done I got to explore the spa and really detox. I spent time in the steam room which had essence of eucalyptus I think? It really cleaned out my sinuses and detoxed my body for sure. I drank lots of lemon water. Then I put on my robe, swim suit and headed to the swimming pool, wow! It even has music in the water so when you duck under you can hear it, so cool. The hot tub was huge and amazing as well with strong jets that continued to massage my body even more. I also got to watch the sunset on the balcony (see my picture below), and then returned to the hot tub and finally back in for one last steam before going home. I left with the biggest smile on my face and have never felt so fresh and rejuvenated. I was ready to take on my Friday! I would highly recommend going to the spa and do this massage and lounging around so you can enjoy their amazing amenities, you’re going to love it.


Chris Binet