Skincare, The Korean Way – 23years old Launches in Canada


Who doesn’t love good and clear skin. A blemish free and glowing skin is what we all thrive to achieve. But unfortunately, good skin and skincare regimens take a lot of time and patience and also becomes expensive in today’s date. With so many options to choose from the consumer often gets confused as to which will be the best for their skin because different people have different requirements.


I remember as a child growing up in the hot and humid climate of India was a daily struggle for me in terms of skin and hair issues. I wasn’t born with great skin and was always prone to acne and dryness throughout. I’m 25 years old now and lately I have started to take good care of my skin. I invested in good quality skin products and have been following a strict daily skincare regimen. Thanks to my work which involves being in the beauty and fashion industry I am always on the eyes of my peers and general public where looks matter the most. Also working in this industry means getting to know newer brands who are upcoming yet have created a mark for themselves already. One such brand is 23 years old which I was introduced to recently. 


23 years old is a Korean beauty brand who believes in the philosophy of providing good quality beauty products for both men and women that can be easily followed at home and helps maintain healthy skin. The brand essence revolves around the number 23 as their products are designed accordingly. Each product is tested 123 times and naturally revitalizes skin after 23 days. 


They have a wide range of products to choose based on your skin needs – facial masks, cleansing, skincare, seasonal care, special care. From bubble masks to exfoliating masks they have it all. 


The main three bestselling products are from their masks and the cleansing line.


I tried The Black Cavidiol Mask (US$18 for 3pack) personally. It has ingredients like Caviar Extract, Pearl powder and after taking it off I did see a good change in my skin in terms of hydration and glow. The second bestselling product is their Seaweed mask (US$ 3.90) which is known for cooling effects and protein replenishment features. And lastly their Black Paint Rubar (US$19.50) is targeted for removing makeup and black/white heads. 


Thus, 23 years old will be a big name in the beauty industry in the near future and prove to be a tough competitor for other similar beauty brands in the market.