Start Your Day Off Right With The New’s Healthy Custom Cereal Mixes,  Delivered Right To You

Toronto ON: 

With a huge success and launch in Quebec just one year ago is now launching healthy customizable cereals delivered right to your door step to the rest of Canada.  

We all need a healthy start to the morning.  No more pecking through the cereal box to find your favourite ingredients! Canadians are waking up to a healthy, delicious and customized blend of their favourite cereal thanks to the online boutique The Montreal-based company delivers stylishly packaged tubes, containing personalized cereal mixes from a variety of grains, nuts, seeds and unique freeze-dried fruits. 

Cereal-lovers can customize their own breakfast bowls based on personal taste and dietary preferences and restrictions. With over 70 ingredients to choose from, mixes can be gluten free, low in sugar, high in fibre and always packed full of taste! 



  • Customer favourites from the ingredient list include quinoa, hemp, maple syrup sunflower seeds, dried strawberries and more.The website features a counter tool which displays the nutritional value of the ingredients as they are selected.
  • Many of the ingredients are locally sourced, with a variety of organic choices available. Personalized recipes can be named and shared with the community.
  • Ready-made mixes are also available for those who prefer to try recipes made by the experts.All ingredients are carefully selected based on health benefits and great taste.

Packaging & Pricing

  • Shoppers will receive a beautifully designed tube of cereal of their choice in the mail.
  • Each tube contains approximately 20 servings, based on the recommended Health Canada portion size.
  • Tubes can be customized with a special message for gift giving.
  • All mixes are produced in Montreal.
  • The price per tube starts at $9 and will vary based on the quantity and selection of ingredients.
  • Shipping is free with an order of six tubes or more



The Mixit mission is to help individuals lead a healthier lifestyle, their way. It provides the benefit of customization, without being time consuming. The Canadian Mixit team of Stephanie Jackson, Oldrich Blaha and their son Alexandre is changing the breakfast landscape with healthier food options for the whole family, that do not sacrifice taste.

The Mixit Team

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