Annie Thompson dares to be noticed

Blend PR has been hired to work on the social media accounts of Toronto-based fashion designer Annie Thompson.

Annie Thompson is a Canadian fashion icon and recipient of the 2017 Design Forward Vanguard Award for her leadership in eco-fashion for over thirty years. Thompson’s design pieces are entirely sourced in Canada and made with recycled and up-cycled fabrics. Her designs are unisex and created with style, comfort and utilitarianism (Thompson is nicknamed the ‘pocket-queen) in mind.

Leading Canada’s sustainable fashion community, Annie Thompson is not afraid to express her opinion on issues facing the fashion world. Her first and most recent show, BLACK BOX, used a variety of expressive art disciplines to create a dramatic show that made a direct commentary on the negative impact fast fashion has on the environment. The integration of art, fashion and sustainability is evident in her work. Her featured show pieces ranged from camouflage jumpsuits and oversized hoodies to rich chinoiserie; gold polka dot evening dresses, bomber jackets, smoking vests and voluminous, luxurious silk coats. 

“My goal was to create timeless, sustainable, unique pieces that could be worn for many occasions - LIFE in general. The feedback that I have been receiving from my followers has been truly amazing” says Thompson.

Blend PR’s mantra – dare to be noticed, aligns with Thompson’s persona. Through her social media channels, Blend PR aims to increase visibility the of Annie Thompson’s dynamic pieces. Blend PR will also assist with event planning for her fashion shows, broadcasting her shows live on both Facebook Live and Instagram stories. Bold by nature and social by design, Blend PR will help express Thompson’s daring vision.



Instagram Handle: @anniethompsonstudio

Twitter Handle: N/A


Chris Binet, Publicist & CEO

Blend PR