Australia’s Hottest Celebrity Workout Launches in Yorkville

Toronto:  F45 has officially launched in Yorkville, Toronto. F45 is its very own style of training, combining elements of conventional weight training and cardio with functional movements in a HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL workout all done in 45min. This style is used by some of Australia’s biggest celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman, and in the US Dallas Mavericks Harrison Barnes and Terrell Owens, NFL wide receiver.

F45 uses Functional Training, which is the engagement in exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement. This style of training builds and sculpts lean, functional muscle – Lifting, Squatting, Jumping, Twisting, Pulling, Pushing, Punching, Kicking, Rowing, Biking – all of these movements qualify as “Functional”.

No workout is ever the same. The fixed, 45-minute duration of our workouts exists to provide a timing structure to maximize growth and progress. Daily workouts vary. They have developed 27 different 45 minute workouts, with more currently in development. The workouts are created by the F45 Athletics and Peak Performance Department from a database of over 3,000 different exercises, so our members never get the same workout twice.

F45 workouts are fuelled and organized by the robust technology systems that they have in place in all of their studios worldwide. A series of TV’s mounted on the front wall of our studios provide an organized, station-by- station diagram for each daily workout. With the guidance and motivation of the F45 Trainers, this system is a visual tool for members to progress from exercise station to station throughout the workout.

F45 uses a Team Training atmosphere which is the final factor for fuelling F45 Training’s dynamism. The motivation and encouragement in a Group Training facility create a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded. Communities promoting fitness, good health and growth are forged in F45 studios around the world and are the source of their strength as an international brand.

About F45: Born in Australia 2012 – The F45 Training Co-CEOs struck out to do the impossible, create a Group-Training facility that featured the most dynamic and effective training styles to date. Not only did they seek to find the best types of workouts, but they wanted to find a way to vary those workouts every day and make them accessible to the masses. They envisioned highly-capable, charismatic instructors to lead the workouts to motivate people to reach their potential. They wanted to create a structured, systemized and powerful Training System that could be implemented around the world.

If you would like a 2 week free trial please contact:

Chris Binet, Publicist or 416-907- 0977