Peter & Pat’s Pierogies Launch in Canada

Made with 100% Real Potato and 100% Natural Ingredients


Toronto ON:  Peter & Pat’s Pierogies have officially launched in Costco locations across Canada.  These are no ordinary pierogies, Peter & Pat use a 60-year-old family recipe, made with 100% real potato, 100% natural ingredients and 100% family tradition.

Peter & Pat grew their love for traditional Eastern European food into a thriving catering business in the Northeast United States over the last 20 years.  Everybody’s favorite has always been their pierogies, which are delicately crafted potato filled dumplings. People loved them so much that they have now become a top seller in the United States and is why they have now officially launched in Costco locations across Canada.

Pierogies are low fat, low cholesterol, all-natural, and made with no preservatives. Boil or Pan-Fry these up in just 8 minutes for a great snack or meal anytime.

As per prep instruction, Pierogies can be boiled or pan-fried in just minutes (the most recommended methods). They can also be deep-fried, steamed, or micro waved.  Pierogies should be cooked from frozen (most recommended), or from partially thawed.

Peter & Pat have launched their famous Potato, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese pierogies at Costco locations across Canada.  They are 100% real mashed potato filling mixed with 100% real, savory bacon and 100% premium yellow cheddar cheese and seasonings.




Please contact publicist Chris Binet for more information.