Wyvern Book 1: The Coin

Author Kyle McGiverin introduces to us the adventure story of a young transgender boy who finds his true self in a new world


In recent years, the number of youth self-identifying as transgender or gender variant has increased dramatically. This is happening at an earlier and earlier age.

Wyvern is a new novel that provides trans or gender-variant youth with a character they can bond with, and gives non-transgender youth a way into a conversation and an understanding they didn't know they needed. It gives the adults in a kid's life a non-threatening source of dialogue on a topic that is, for the moment, terrifying to many people.

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Welcome to the world of Aldia!

Quinn is twelve-year-old boy much like the other twelve-year-old boys he knows - except that he was born in the body of a girl.

Home on Earth, Quinn happens upon a coin in the dirt, and is transported from his own world to Aldia, a strange world where humans live alongside wonderful creatures called wyverns. In Quinn's quest to return home, he discovers that the wyverns are victims of a centuries old curse. Despite having wings, the wyverns cannot fly. He learns that the coin that transported him to Aldia may be the key to breaking the wyverns' curse. Eager to be of help, Quinn postpones his search for a way home to join the wyverns in their effort to return to the skies. However, to succeed, Quinn must accept, without doubts, who he really is.

"I liked the book because it had a lot of detail and emotion. I think the most important message was: it doesn’t matter what body you’re in, you are who you are."  - A., Grade 6

About the Author:

Kyle McGiverin, author, is a middle school teacher and long-time LGBTQ advocate from Toronto, Ontario. 

Kyle has been engaged in activism, education and advocacy on LGBT realities for more than ten years. He worked as president of Brock University's LGBTQ organization for three years, and after graduating continued to deliver sensitivity training workshops to teacher candidates. 

He has been a sought-after guest lecturer and works with several committees within his school board geared toward the advancement of LGBTQ youth issues and acceptance in elementary schools. He went viral in 2013 when his students played a gay-positive song for him during class as a tribute, and the following year he was the subject of a Brampton Guardian article for his commitment to openly addressing LGBTQ realities with students.

Kyle has been writing stories since childhood, and has written several pieces, including short stories, short plays and other novels. In 2012 he was awarded the F. Janet Dolman Prize in Playwriting for his one-act play depicting the coming-out struggle of a homophobic gay man.

About the Illustrator: 

Toby Medeiros, illustrator, is a transmale illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. His past works include a collection of fairy tale illustrations for the LGBTQ magazine OUTwrites, and teaching art to queer youth. He is very passionate about LGBT+ rights. Being able to be part of a story that hits close to home has been a clear highlight in his illustration career.

Wyvern was also a Kickstarter and has reached its base goal of $5,000. It is now available on Amazon Kindle, Scribd, iBookstore and Kobo.

Explore the book, the project, the author and the people who have combined their efforts to bring this adventure to the world. 


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