Seven Simple Ways To Slim Your Summer Body

By: Deanna


Summer is fast approaching, and with the absence of spring weather it’s time to get our bikini bodies in shape (yes it’s that time of year again). If you are anything like me, getting into shape didn’t cross your mind until the sun decided to come out of hibernation and finally melt away all that snow. The only problem is, summer has come without a warning and I’m not ready!

Now that the countdown is on, with only one month before summer hits full force, it is time to end those depressing trips to the mirror. Today I have a few tips and tricks to take note of to help you take off that weight and keep it off!

1. Eat at home 5 days a week

Now that the weather is nice and patio season has fast approached, the temptation is stronger than ever! Do not eat out Monday – Friday, not for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (yes a coffee is acceptable). Eating out increases your calorie intake. Although you may think you may be choosing a “healthy” option, you still don’t know how it is prepped. If you can hold out during the week, you can indulge on the weekends. Getting yourself into a steady routine can help you to lose weight and keep it off!

2. 10 minute workout before every shower

This was the best piece if fitness advice I have ever received. This is a workout that can and should be used year round and can easily fit into any busy schedule. Before every shower set aside 10 minutes and complete this full body workout:

80 jumping jacks

20 push ups

40 sit ups

20 lunges (per leg)

60 second wall sit (Repeat twice)

3. Don’t eat out of the bag

Face it we all love junk food, however it seems almost impossible to break the craving. The best way to avoid eating it is to not buy it in the first place! However, lets say we gave into that temptation in the grocery store and bought that bag of chips. Mistake number one is bringing the whole bag to the couch with us when we know were going to regret it. So if that bag of chips made it home from the store with you and somehow ended up in your pantry, portion a serving in a separate bowl and eat just that. The trick is to fool your brain into thinking you’ve had enough.

4. No junk food after 7pm (yes cereal counts as junk food)

If you are anything like me, you just laugh at those diet rules that say no eating after 8pm, cause clearly they don’t know who you are. Personally I just like to snack on food, if you do to, why not make it a healthy meal. Face it, whatever you eat after 8pm (that is processed) you automatically regret it. If you eliminate those mindless calories, you will have a better sleep at night. Fruit is a great alternative because you still get the right taste without the calories. Check out this chart for correct portion sizing.

5. Don’t focus on just one body part to improve

Summer is fast approaching, and I know we all have at least one body part that we’re trying to tone. Whether that is your stomach, legs, or arms, when you are working out you need to put the focus on your whole body. Many people get discouraged when they begin working out because they aren’t seeing direct results. My advice is to be patient. When you begin to exercise its important to take note that weight is evenly disrupted throughout your body, so you will evenly lose weight. Just because you want to loose three pounds from your thighs doesn’t mean that’s the first place to lose everything. If you’re doing the correct workouts you will see an overall weight loss in your figure.

6. Eat regularly

I want to clear something up right now, it is a MYTH that diets work. Oprah is a great example of this. Back when she was filming the Oprah Show, she went on a liquid diet to lose weight. Boy! Did she lose the weight! However, when she went back to her regular diet, after she finished her cleanse, Oprah put on more weight than she ever had before. This happened because when she was on the liquid diet she fooled her body into thinking she was full. The reason she began to gain so much weight after her diet was because when she began eating regularly again, her body began to store food. It was out of her control because her body was preparing to be starved again. Diets don’t work, eat regularly and healthy and you’ll watch the weight fall right off.

7. Sleep!

This is often the most overlooked part of losing weight. With constant entertainment to keep our attention, most people don’t go to bed until they fall asleep in front of the T.V. only to wake up six hours later to go to work. It’s proven that humans loose calories when we sleep. However, it’s hard for our bodies to regenerate and process those calories if we never properly relax and shut off the world. Take the time to sleep in your own bed with nothing but the sound of a fan or window open. You’ll wake up in the morning more refreshed and ready for a new day.

Put these 7 actions into play the next 30-60 days and you’ll have a fitness routine to build your summer body and maintain it year ‘round.