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How I Diy’d My Balcony For Under $100


By: Deanna

Nothing is more exciting during the summer months than creating your own home oasis. Whether that be in your back yard or balcony, relaxing at home means being by yourself and face it how often does that come around? That being said, patio furniture is expensive and I don’t know about you but I don’t want to lie a towel on the ground every time I want a little sun.

So I looked into cheap DIY alternatives to build a couch on my balcony. (HINT: If Pinterest isn’t your best friend, get online right now and I promise you you’ll never let her go)

So as I was searching (and pinning) I found a lot of people using old wooden pallets to build large pieces of furniture. Ranging from couches to tables I decided this was for me  

I started by searching for FREE wooden pallets. Lots of industrial places dispose of them daily (I actually found mine outside a car dealership)    


I chose three pallets high to get just the right view from my balcony (one was bigger than the other two so I decided to put it as the base and use it for a step)          


I decided to paint the bottom two pallets white and leave the top as is (reason why to come..)  

I then nailed in two layers of a twin mattress foam from Walmart (for extra comfort)        


Next I covered the entire first pallet with a twin size bed sheet          

Add some pillows and blankets for some decoration and now I have a perfect day bed to read and lay in the sun.  


Wooden Pallets: Free

Paint (including paintbrushes): $38

Fitted bed sheet: $11

Mattress foam: ($10 per sheet) = $20

Total $49