Public Relations

Want your brand to make headlines? You'll need a public relations campaign that uses the right mix of creativity, innovation, and strategy. This is what we do best - all tailored with the detailed precision of a Savile Row suit.

What is public relations?  At the basics, it’s getting you or your product/service featured in the news, magazines, online, newspapers, TV, Radio etc.


Media Events

We host many different types of media events. There is one-on-one, where we introduce the media to you directly in a personalized situation (meeting to possibly try out a product or service).

We also host events or seminars where media comes in as a group and you present to them, do demos etc.


Desk Sides

This is when we go to the media.  We meet with them one-on-one in their offices with you. We can do this in-person or we can video you in.

Broadcast Press Junkets

This is pitching you out for Television and Radio spots. We would book appearances on all the major morning, afternoon, and evening television programs; syndicated and satellite radio. 


Media Training

We offer all our client's media training.  We will make sure you are fully prepared for all media interviews. We will give you all the background info on the media person and the publication/station before each interview.